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    Mr. Barry Bialik
    Guidance Counselor
    Kingsley High School 
    Students may take a practice ACT test on
    ACT testing for juniors and seniors is as follows:
    Test Date            Regular Deadline for registration          Late registration  
                                                                                      (additional fee required)
      2-11-12                  1-13-12                                            1-20-12
      4-14-12                    3-9-12                                            3-23-12
      6-9-12                      5-4-12                                            5-18-12
    The ACT cost is $39.00 without the writing. To register just go to www.act/ I would recommend taking the test at Northwestern Michigan College.
     Test Fest is coming soon.
    March 6, 2012
    Tuesday, March 6, 2012 Kingsley High School will be hosting Test Fest 2012.
    What does this mean?
    **12th grade students will not be in the building that day. Seniors are to job shadow and/or go on a college tour. Seniors that plan on attending NMC in the fall should use this day to get their Compass Testing done.
    **11th grade students will be taking the ACT portion of the MME. The day starts with breakfast being served to all Juniors at 8:20 am. Breakfast is complete at 8:35 am. Then Juniors head off to their assigned classroom to participate in Day 1 of the MME.
    **10th grade students will report to their assigned AC to participate in the PLAN testing.
    **9th grade students will report to their assigned AC to participate in the PLAN testing.
    After lunch the day ends with an action packed assembly for students 9-11. Our area ERT will show off their skills until the end of the day.
    Do you understand the new way the State of Michigan calculates your childs test scores on the MEAP & MME? If not, check out this video.

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Mrs. Lori Nolf
ES Guidance Counselor
263-5162 ext. 2221 (ES)

Mrs. Diana Laughter

MS Social Worker
263-5162 ext. 3294 (MS)

Mr. Barry Bialik
HS Guidance Counselor
263-5262 ext. 4470

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