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    Each school date will have a summary of what my classes did that day and what the students' assignments are.

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    German I:

    Welcome to German!  We will focus on learning useful vocabulary, pronunciation, and grammar rules for speaking German in the present tense.  I hope you find it to be a very interesting language and appreciate how learning another language can help us understand our own language better as well.

    Below is a link to my favorite online German dictionary.  This is meant to be helpful to any student who is working on a project at home, but it is not in any way a replacement for your notes you take in class.  BE CAREFUL when you use this and do no use it to much for your assignments.  All of your assignments should be almost entirely doable with the vocabulary we learn in class, and those are the words that I will expect you to rely on mostly for your assignments.  This is meant to be used rarely when you have a certain specific word you wish to use that we have not learned in class.  You will notice that many words in English will have more than one possible translation in German.  This is because there are situations where you need to use one word instead of another, and you should ask me when you come across such words using this translator. 


      As a grader it is very easy for me to recognize when a student has been using one, and you will fail the assignment if you use an online translator for complete sentences.  You are responsible for learning and practicing the grammar rules we learn in class.

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    German II:

    German II builds on the vocabulary and grammar that we learned in German I.  The students will be introduced to the past-tense, the future-tense, and the subjunctive among other new rules.  We will watch several full-length German films to help solidify vocabulary.  Foreign Language Day will be a large part of the class and students are expected to independantly think of interesting projects to work on.

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    German III:

    This is the first year of German III at Kingsley High School.  The main goal of this course is for the students to use the grammar and vocabulary they learned in their first two years towards written and spoken fluency.  Students will practice their spoken German by engaging in discussions, participating in role-play situations, playing popular German board games and giving brief German speeches.  Students will be expected to be active participants in encouraging a German-speaking atmosphere whenever possible.  Naturally this will be difficult at first and become much easier throughout the year.  Foreign Language Day will again be a big deal for us, and I am hoping that German III students will be confident with performing live skits or perhaps even writing and singing their own songs!

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    English I:

    This is my second year teaching 9th grade English and I am looking forward to it!  Our first story will be "The Most Dangerous Game.  We will also read stories such as "Romeo and Juliet", "To Kill a Mockingbird", and "The Odyssey".

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    Honors English II

    This will be my first year teaching Honors English II.  Our main goal for the year will be to improve our analytical and persuasive writing.  I will try to update this with any useful links we come across as we work through the year.  Assignments and missed work can be checked on the calendar on this webpage.  After working with our summer reading, our first novel will be The Crucible.


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