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    Buckley Old Engine Show Field Trip

    September 26th!


      When you place book orders with Scholastic Book Clubs you are helping build our classroom libraries. 

         In order to volunteer in a classroom or join field trips, you must be on the KAS "approved list of volunteers." Your approval must be updated every year. Thank you. And...All parents must sign in at the elementary office before visiting a classroom.

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    September 16

    Monday:  Lesson 10

    Tuesday: Lesson 11

    Wedenesday: 12

    Thursday: TEST 1

    Friday: Investigation (no homework)

     Master those multiplication facts!  Students are allowed and encouraged to use their multiplication charts for homework. 

     Fourth grade does not assign weekend math homework :)

    Parents!  Please help your child with memorizing math facts.Thank you!



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    September 16


    We are reading our first Scholastic News!


    •  Please read with your child daily.  Spending just a  few minutes of quality time reading (and discussing what has been read) will help your child be the best he or she can be! Ask your child to help create your grocery list and read it back to you, read the cereal box in the morning, ask your child to read aloud to you from his or her chapter book and then ask questions about it.

    Students may check out the weekly reader website at our magic word is: gostags. Children may log on using the magic word to enter contests and do other activities.

    Reading Games:




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    Social Studies

    Current Unit:

    Foundations in Social Studies

    We are learning about the four disciplines in social studies (history, economics, political science and economics.) 



    lay map games:


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    Our science unit: State of Matter
    We sent home the study guide to help you get a start on the concepts.  A test date will be announced well in advance!


    For a look at the Michigan Science Standards for Fourth Grade:

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    September 16
    Unit 3
    Skills: Homophones, consonant digraphs (wh, ch, th, ph, and sh)
     Expect the refrigerator list and the "Dear Parent" letter to come home most  Mondays  (if no school on Monday, it will be
    Tuesday)  The "Dear Parent" letter is student homework and is due back to school on Wednesday. Please note the running list of core words and frequently tested words below! 
    Core Words for this week:  able, dog, shown, mean, English
    Frequent test words:
    become, draw, grow, yet,  less, wind, behind, cannot, letter, among
    able, dog, shown, mean, English, there, their and they're, rest, perhaps, certain, six, feet, fire, ready, green, yes, built, ran, full, town, special, complete, because, certain, important, however, its, it's, different, American, United States, enough, perhaps, example, remember, half, idea, usually, sure, weather, young, children, answer, though, example.

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    September 16
    We are working on a personal narrative.  We are also learning about the 6 traits of writing. 
    Sentence Fluency
    Run-on and rambling sentences make your writing hard to read. Writers should read aloud what they have written to listen for run-ons and rambles. Use appropriate conjunctions when combining two smaller sentences. Use a variety of sentence starters so writing doesn't sound boring!
    Good writers choose their words carefully in order to get their ideas across.  If you don't choose your words carefully, the reader may not understand the message.  Use  words that create images in the reader's mind  and avoid using the same words over and over again. 
    Oganization When telling about events in a sequence use transition words to signal when things happen.  Keep the verb tense consistent. If youj are writing about something that happened in the past, all verbs used should be in the past tense form. 


    Ideas:  Start with a strong idea and support that idea with details. 
    Choose a purpose for your writing and know your audience.
    Each paragraph should have a topic sentence and details to support it.
    We will focus on our focus!  Focus on your idea and elaborate without going off topic.

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    Ms. Alford's Class

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    Mrs. Bell's Class

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    Mr. Selby's Class

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