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    Physical Education

    PE is a required credit! Units of phsyical fitness, golf, archery, racquet sports, baskeball, volleyball, floor hockey, and flag football will be covered.  Every class will include a warm-up, stretching, and running routine.  Sutdents MUST change their clothes and be active participants in order to pass the class.

    9th Grade Physical Education

    Class Expectations

    Mr. Leonard & Mr. Schelich


     9th  grade PE is a semester long course.  The semester is broken down into various units.  The units include a variety of team sports, individual sports, and fitness activities. Units will be golf, archery, fitness activities, racquet sports, basketball, flag football, volleyball, floor hockey.                                                                                                                                                                                   



    Daily production points will make-up the majority of your grade, a smaller portion will be based upon homework, tests, and final exam.


    Participation Grading:

    1. Ten (10) points are possible each day.


    1. Students will earn five (5) points for wearing appropriate P.E. clothes and shoes, and actively participating in daily warm-ups and stretching.


    1. Students will earn their second five (5) points by being active participants in the activity or game that day.  Effort and sportsmanship must be demonstrated in order to earn the participation points. Sitting out of activities is not an option! Students must dress and participate every class.


    1. Zero (0) points will be awarded to the student if he/she is absent from class.  To make up an excused absence the student must run laps (10 laps around the mezzanine). This make-up activity can be done anytime during the semester grading period.  School sponsored absences such as field trips or sporting events are the exceptions.  The student must also make up missed quizzes and tests upon the return to school.


    1. Students that are hurt/sick will be asked to provide proper documentation(doctors note) and may be given an alternative assignment. Please note that “I don’t feel good” doesn’t qualify for sitting out or not participating.


    Class Expectations:

     dress appropriately(no cut-offs, spandex, non marking shoes), no jewelry, no gum/pop/food, please be respectful (to people and equipment), follow directions carefully, lock up your lockers, practice good personal hygiene, leave valuables in hall locker, give a great effort, have fun




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Mr. Schelich
Phone: 263-5262 x4486
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