Announcements and Assignments

Today's Announcements & Assignments

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2012-2013 Schedule of Events

Grease is the word!

MS Video of Spring Concert

HS Spring Concert Pix


All bandbooster meeting ore held on the first Tuesday of the month @6pm in the HS bandroom.  All are welcome and encouraged to attend 

Straight 1's for Symphony Band at State. Pi x  First Division rating for MS Concert Band!


Thank you to all volunteers for making the carnival a huge success


These are the set of Musser M-55 Vibraphones that were purchased through the Christa Pipoly Memorial donations received. A plate is being engraved that will read:

“In loving memory of Christa Pipoly (1999-2013)

Kingsley Area School Percussionist”

HS Band 

HS State 2013 recordings:

Arsenal- ArsenalState13.mp3      

Gathering Places-  Gathering%20Places%20State%2013.mp3    

Spontaneous Combustion- Spontaneous%20Combustion%20State%2013.mp3   

Congratulations HS Symphony Band on your Straight 1 rating at District Festival

Arsenal Arsenal               With Each Sunset MP3 audio With  Each Sunset

Spontaneous Combustion Spontaneous Combustion

MSBOA Exposition videos 2012 

Cadillac Pix    Marching Band Pix 2012  


Silver Sword 

IrishRhapsody%20D.mp3   Irish Rhapsody And The Fire Raged   And The Fire Raged     

Marching Band Pix & Video Photobucket


Jazz Prism


Elementary School Assembly May 31, 2013:

Fly Me to the Moon: Fly%20Me%20to%20Moon.mp3        Save the Last Dance Save%20Last.mp3        Make Me Smile MakeMeSmile.mp3  

Someone To Watch Over Me SomeoneWatch.mp3        Peter Gunn PeterGunn.mp3          Somewhere Somewhere.mp3        Feelin Good FeelingGood.mp3

MP3 audio  Wonderful World WonderfulWorld.mp3         Ghostbusters Ghostbusters.mp3


Jazz Expo in TC recordings:    Boppin PTown: BoppinExpo.mp3    Clifford: Clifford%20Expo.mp3     Burnin':  Burnin%20Expo.mp3

Christmas 2012 Great Wolf Lodge recordings: BeckyLint12.mp3   KaseyHayes12.mp3   WhiteXmas%20Harlie%2012.mp3   OHolyNight%20Bree12.mp3

Grand Traverse Resort recordings:  GTRHoly.wav

Spring Concert 2012 videos:  UM Jazz Festival recordings 2011

Just A Little Youtube     Send In Clowns Youtube    Flew Coop Youtube

Upcoming Events:

Fife Lake July 4 parade 2pm      Cherry Royale parade July 6  11:30am

Kingsley Middle School Band 7th & 8th


First Divison rating at State!
State recordings:
Aces Of The Air- Aces%20of%20the%20Air%20State%202013.mp3
Valley Mist- Valley%20Mist.mp3
Rhythm of the Spheres- Rhythmofspheres.mp3
MS AllStar13
Great All Star concert in Bellaire:  Connor, Josh, Courtney & Ben! 

Congratulations MS Concert Band on your Straight 1 rating!!!

Aces Of Air  AcesOfAir   Kentucky 1800   Kentucky1800  

Rampage    Rampage
MS Concert Videos:   MS Concert Band   MS Jazz Band    Hayride Pix    
MS Music State  MS State B&O Music    

MSBOA State    1 1 2 1 - 1

 Juno Beach    Prospect   Pandora       2010 District Pix     MS Composite 2009

Jazz Expo in TC MS Jazz recordings:

Work Song:  Work%20Song%20Expo.mp3     Spring's Awakening:  Springs%20Awakening%20TC%20Expo%20MS.mp3    The Chicken:  Chicken%20TC%20Expo%20MS.mp3


Sixth Grade Band  

MS/Fifth & Sixth Grade Spring Concert May 16 @7pm in MS Gym  Info

MS Fall Concert Oct 30, 2012 Video:  Sixth Grade Band  
Practice sheets  turned in on Mondays

Fifth Grade

MS/Fifth & Sixth Grade Spring Concert May 16 @7pm in MS Gym  Info

MusicTechnology Class

final music video


Thank you to our Band boosters! Meetings are held every first Tuesday of the month 6:00pm HS Bandroom (March in MS Bandroom for Carnival)

Band Booster Officers for 12/13 are:

President: Tonya Carmoney

Vice President: Lynn Hayes

Secretary:   Jodi Velez

Treasurer:  Ben Clair

*All Bands are under the direction of  Thomas H. Clair  (e-mail)  


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