German online dictionary

This is my favorite online German dictionary.  BE CAREFUL when you use this and do no use it to much for your assignments.  All of your assignments should be almost entirely doable with the vocabulary we learn in class, and those are the words that I will expect you to rely on mostly for your assignments.  This is meant to be used rarely when you have a certain specific word you wish to use that we have not learned in class.  You will notice that many words in English will have more than one possible translation in German.  This is because there are situations where you need to use one word instead of another, and you should ask me when you come across such words using this translator.  NEVER EVER USE COMPLETE SENTENCE TRANSLATORS FOR ASSIGNMENTS IN MY CLASS.  As a grader it is very easy for me to recognize when a student has been using one, and you will fail the assignment if you use an online translator for complete sentences.  You are responsible for learning and practicing the grammar rules we learn in class.

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